Monday, January 28, 2008

Vegetable Terrine

This is my first attempt at a terrine. Per my usual M.O. I read a couple of recipes and followed neither. It didn't set up quite like I thought it would, but not too bad. Should have cooked my vegetables more I think. They were still too al dente. Used red and yellow pepper strips, matchstick carrots and scallion tops split open for the outside. Homemade chicken stock for the base with some added gelatin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scott's New Chicken Waffles

Was in the 'ole experimental mood tonight.

chicken breast, 1 cup, 1/3 inch dice, uncooked
scallions, 1/3 cup, thin sliced
porcini mushrooms, rehydrated, 4 oz., chopped
sharpish cheese, 4-6 oz., grated, not fine
soy flour, 1/2 cup
baking powder, 1 tsp., maybe a bit less
eggs, 3, beaten
sage, 1 tbs, fresh minced
marjoram, 1 tbs, fresh minced
water, 1-2 tbs.

Sift baking power with soy flour first, then mix all ingredients together. My batter was very thick, like a very thick muffin batter. Then cook in wafflebaker. Should be quite low in carbs. Most of the carbs would be in the soy flour which is not too high. I got about 6 5-inch waffles.

I've never made anything quite like this before. I really enjoyed it. It would be awesome with gravy over the top. Feel free to experiment with different herbs, garlic, cheese combos. I was unsure how the raw chicken would cook, but it cooked just fine!

Just wanted to share. Let me know if you have questions, thoughts, suggestions.

Before hand I made my sliced raw eggplant in the wafflebaker. Slice eggplant about 1/2 inch thick, dip in beaten egg, roll in parm. bake in wafflebaker. Wafflebaker will eventually settle into the slice as it cooks, no need to press hard. Crispy outside, creamy inside. M

Made a nice starter, and double use of the waffle baker, plus I added the extra beaten egg and extra parm to my chicken waffle batter. Am I clever, or what?

Will attach a photo.